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Together on holiday… to Poland

And there it was, the first holiday together. Destination: South Poland. We ended up in the north. Click here for the Polish Experience (Dutch).

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How about “Κρήτη”?

‘No’, was my answer when my parents asked me to join them on a holiday this year. I already arranged my own holiday to St. Petersburg, Russia, was a little worried about my working hours (I have been contracted for 30 hours a week. This is an average, so I could, theoretically, compensate holiday weeks with working more hours in non-holiday weeks.) and I feared my age and all its “I will make my own way” would collide with my parents` age and its “We do everything together as a family”. But then they dropped two words: “airplane” and “Greek island”. I submitted, let carefully slip the word “Crete” (my passion when I was a child, obsessed with Greek mythology). My parents and younger brother agreed Crete would be a good choice. So my answer to their question became a “yes”. And to be honest, I did not regret it. For Crete is a sun island nearly sinking back in the sea because of the huge mountains covering its surface. Curious? Find out more about Κρήτη, unspoiled.

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How about touring around in Hungary?

This year picking a holiday resembled a fight. But the bookings have been done, the destination chosen, the traveling company set.  A lot of hightlights: Wien, Budapest, gypsies, unknown territory, sun, mountains… actually I am not having a damn clue what Hungary is like. But this means I will be able to enjoy every site and experience little disappointment 🙂


Click here to read about Madyarorzág after the Iron Curtain dropped.

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How about three days on (rainy) Ameland?

Na een geweldige vakantie in Kroatië, gebeurde het dat M en ik op woensdag 25 augustus 2010 om 7.38 ‘s ochtends in de Intercity naar Leeuwarden stapten. Bestemming: Ameland. Lees alles over dit driedaagse avontuur in Ameland 2010.

This time I did not know what to expect. First time on vacation with just one friend and a whole bunch of other people we did not know before the ten days we spent along the Croatian coast. Never in my life I enjoyed a holiday so much as this one. I tried to keep on a diary of this holiday, but I partly failed. I cannot describe how amazing Croatia and the group were. But no doubt I had a lot of fun during Some sea sand sensation 🙂

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How about a trip around the Alps?

At home, June 22, 2010 — Less than two weeks of waiting for on another holiday I`ve been dreaming off for years: visiting the Alps. Though most people of my age have spent many of their Christmas vacations and Spring breaks skiing between the slopes covered with virgin snow, somehow my parents either don’t like skiing or did not have the money for it. Once I passed the Alps on the western side, and ended up in the Jura Mountains near Genevia; for two times I have flown over the Alps, but not once I could feel the young rocks touching my fingers, not once I could look out for Edelweiss and not once I got the chance to feel overwhelmed by the flora and fauna. Perhaps within two weeks I will…

At home, July 15, 2010 — Did this holiday meet last year`s holiday? Read Summits – The Interlude. Why this title? Because I know the best has yet to come, though interludes in music are probably the best part of any composition.

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How about a trip around Great Brittain?

I was suprised the day my mother suggested we could go on a holiday I had been dreaming of for years. Visiting the island on the other side of the sea, seeing Stonehenge, the Highlands of Scotland, Edinburgh, the Durham Cathedrale, Cambridge… I expected it to be great, and it was. Despite the rain, despite the long hours in the bus, despite some noisy hotels: all the other good things compensated fairly enough. Enjoying the landscape, drinking new culture, hearing a language I can understand and making new friends made this year’s family holiday one of the biggests successes of all time. Like I usually do, I have written down nearly all I’ve seen and done, and completed my story with my and my brother’s photographs. Prepare for two weeks called Six weeks of rain is summer vacation in Fort William. Why this title? Because it just felt this way.

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How about a girls’ weekend in Antwerp?

[mei 2009]

Zoals te verwachten viel in een weekend, waarin 1) een aantal vriendinnen volledig op zichzelf zijn aangewezen, 2) ze zich niet langer in het vaderland bevinden en 3) daardoor alles wat mis kan gaan ook mis gaat, zo was het, zoals te verwachten viel, een supergezellig weekend dat we nooit gaan vergeten:-d Lees alles in “Antwerpen 2009“.

[mei 2008]


Velen van jullie hebben het al meegekregen: samen met Kristel en Christine, die ook op het Junior College Utrecht zitten, heb ik vrijdag 4 april 2008 de 3e plaats behaald bij de uitreiking van de Jan Kommendeurprijs van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

:cheer: :clap:

Natuurlijk hoort bij het behalen van de derde plaats een prijs: met z`n drieën mochten we een geldprijs van
€ 100,- verdelen, maar we waren ook uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan de International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS). :yeah:

:hollandflag: Samen met negen andere prijswinnaars uit Groningen en Nijmegen mochten wij naar de XVth ICYS 2008, die dit jaar werd gehouden in Chernivtsi, Oekraïne. Hier moesten wij ons profielwerkstuk (thesis op het JCU) presenteren (in het Engels) en kregen we de presentaties van onze landgenoten te horen, maar ook de presentaties van de andere deelnemers, die afkomstig waren uit veertien verschillende landen, waaronder Duitsland, Hongarije, Rusland en Brazilië. De conferentie duurde van vrijdag 18 t/m woensdag 23 april 2008 en zoals beloofd heb ik verslag gedaan van de opgedane ervaringen :swinging:Al deze ervaringen zijn terug te vinden in CCK goes Ukraine